Moving You from Punch to Paycheck

Our cost effective, flexible solutions allow you to effectively manage your largest controllable expense… labor.

Our unparalleled service ensures that our solutions continue to meet your needs.

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  • Tracks employee hours worked and wages paid.
  • Automates employee leave request and review process.
  • Cuts payroll costs by automating complex pay calculations.
  • Simplifies regulatory compliance and wage audits.
  • Provides real time information to help control overtime.
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Still putting off that update to your time and attendance or payroll system?

We can help...
  • Web-hosted time and attendance service.
  • "Good-Bye to Buying!" No upfront investments in licenses, servers, or hardware.
  • Graphical dashboard gauges communicate data instantly.
  • Use with any of our traditional time clocks or web time sheets.
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